International assignment services

Flexible deployment of talent is a key to success for most of today's global organisations. Relocating employees to international locations helps develop and maintain employees' skills and talents with an international focus.

However, the increasing global mobility of the workforce also means proper management of the employee's assignment policy, remuneration and contract, and tax compliance requirement is needed.

Having extensive experience in areas such as development of compensation packages and contract reviews in addition to administering all aspects of international assignment programmes, we can ensure that your employees on international assignments, both Malaysian citizens working abroad and foreign citizens working in Malaysia, are properly accorded with appropriate tax treatment in respect of each aspect of the remuneration.

We provide a complete range of services for organisations deploying employees across international boundaries.

Our international assignment services include:

  • Expatriate and global employment tax planning
  • Compensation packages and fringe benefits planning
  • Advising on salary and non-cash ["benefits-in-kind"] remuneration structure and contract
  • Employees' income tax compliance and consultation
  • Income tax clearance procedures prior to permanent repatriation
  • Computation of employees' hypothetical tax
  • Advising on tax issues arising from tax equalisation or tax protection policy adopted
  • Work permit and visa applications, extension and cancellation
  • Payroll outsourcing involving monthly payroll processing and disbursements such as social security contribution

We have, thus far, provided our services to large multinationals and companies entering the international scene for the first time.