Tax training & seminar

With the ever-changing tax rules, we endeavour to provide you with the updates and highlights on the main changes to the existing tax legislations, not to mention the latest tax developments including Public Rulings.

Other than keeping abreast with the latest tax developments, our tax planning and advisory team may then assist you in realising and identifying potential tax planning ideas, tax incentives or savings.

Some of the tax topics that we cover in our training, workshops and seminars are:

Individual taxation

  • Tax efficient remuneration package
  • Tax planning for business owners and partnerships
  • Practical guide on completion of individual tax statutory documents by employers (Forms E and EA)
  • Preparation of tax return and computation for individuals

Corporate taxation

  • Corporate tax planning
  • Tax incentives
  • IRB public rulings/framework/regulations/guidelines
  • Withholding tax
  • Cross border transactions
  • Strategic tax consideration for corporate restructuring
  • Transfer pricing
  • Preparation of tax return and computation for companies
  • Annual budget updates and highlights

Goods and Services Tax ["GST"]

  • Getting to know GST Essentials
  • Post implementation issues
  • Tax codes
  • Industry specific issues